Egypt’s AH-64D helos will receive Gen III day/night sensors

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Egypt’s AH-64D helos will receive Gen III day/night sensors

WASHINGTON – Egypt will upgrade its 25 AH-64D Apache helicopters to the “E” version after the new Gen III day and night sensors are integrated, has learned, citing a press release from Lockheed Martin.
The contract was received by Lockheed on January 7 this year and includes the full integration of the Gen III Target Acquisition Designation Sight / Pilot Night Vision Sensor [Gen III TADS / PNVS] and the Gen III Day Sensor Assembly [Gen III DSA]. The value of the order is 102 million USD.

M-TADS / PNVS are the eyes of the AH-64D Apache and are sensors for night vision at long distances. Except at night, this updated generation of sensors is suitable for precision piloting in adverse conditions. At the heart of the system is an electro-optical sensor that provides much more accurate visual information and performance. It integrates into the helicopter together with a turret, which provides higher speed and acceleration of azimuth and altitude sensors. Lockheed says the new generation of the entire system has a longer life and less cost than the old version.

Lockheed Martin’s Gen III DSA, on the other hand, is a laser pointer marker that is perfectly suited for flights in densely populated urban environments. Another function is to improve coordination with ground forces and helicopter pilots.source: bulgarianmilitary

With the integration of M-TADS / PNVS and Gen III DSA, Egyptian AH-64D Apache pilots will see high-resolution images. What’s more, the company says that especially with the night sensor, in addition to high resolution, pilots will see objects close to infrared or color images.

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